the birthday party blur

the birthday party blur

truth: in case you were wondering he’s still living his best life. [real birthday today. true 5 year old]

truth: this means i am super close to having a child in full time school. to that i say it’s about time. 😆

truth: also we are milking this 5 balloon for all it’s worth so #sorrynotsorry.

truth: now to talk all things birthday parties. you pinterest moms I dont know how you do it.

truth: i am such a stressed out, short fused monster mom beforehand i can’t stand myself.

truth: + then once it starts it’s the best kind of blur. like your wedding day where you’re having so much fun with your favorite people but don’t really eat + are completely exhausted after + can’t really remember anything except that you couldn’t stop smiling + wish you could do it every day.

truth: + the more I reread that last truth that’s definition of motherhood. the best kind of exhausting blur. ♥️





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