these two

these two

truth: here we have my lover + my fighter.

truth: one smothers you with love, the other only gives it on his terms…

truth: one could care less the other has theee strongest opinion everrr.

truth: one’s like mom, the other’s like dad. guess which is which. 😉😉

truth: i’m obsessed with both + both drive me to become hulk mom crazy.

truth: here’s a fun example of who they are: last night beau had a stomach ache which turned into throwing up… while we were trying to get him to the bathroom [after he destroyed a couch cushion + rug 🤢]

luke YELLED “DONT COME IN HERE IM POOPING, GET AWAY!!!” poor beau was so scared he was crying while 🤮 all over the hallway… it was so special + the stubbornness came out at the WORST POSSIBLE TIME.


truth: i’m dying of laughter retelling that story but it was anything but funny at the time… get off the effing toilet luke!!!!🤬🤣



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