the truth about halloween this year.

the truth about halloween this year.

halloween is in my top three favorite holidays to celebrate with kids. [other two are 4th of july + christmas] i’m prepped for costumes all day, no naps, + waaaaaay too much sugar intake. every year is magical + our family costumes are just epic. better every year in my opinion. 😉 but this year was just a little different.

probably bc vadim + i just got back from a marriage retreat in colorado [which was DREAMY]+ came home to our house in tooootal construction mode. like plastic all over everywhere covering all our things. everything in total disarray. maaaan living in chaos is so hard, so annoying, + so STRESSFUL. on top of that everything is covered in an inch of dirt + just obnoxious to look at.

i tried not to let it bother me too much as i got luke + beau dressed for school. that wasn’t horrible. what was horrible was after school i tried confining them all to my room while i got my cat woman suit on, so they wouldn’t get in the workers way or touch ANY walls that were wet with paint…😳 that went super well + my tone went next level.

going to meet our friends to trick-or-treat downtown los altos was so much fun but so fricking hot! 80 degrees on halloween=no bueno in a pleather cat suit.

it all came to the end of the night. trick-or-treating in full family costumes around our neighborhood. it is the best ever + i love living vicariously thru the boys while they hop in + out of the red wagon to go ring door bells, squealing trick-or-treat with such real excitement as they get more than one piece of candy. ☺️ [also it’s the only day of the year we really use that red wagon. 😆] after we walk around for a good hour + a half we come home, count candy, eat pizza + get ready to hand out candy to the older kids that come by late. welp we couldn’t do that last part this year bc our front door is plastered with plastic, we don’t have a porch light + we have a huge dump in our driveway… 😭😣

i know i’m just letting that last part get me down, + that the end result of all this construction will be SO WORTH IT. but in the moment all i wanna say is BOOOO construction you suck. 😣👻

oh i almost forgot the cherry on top of last night. nash was so sugar drunk from the no nap/treat day combo that he decided to get himself out of the bathtub while i was getting pjs on beau + he sliced his chin on the toilet seat… 🙈 + like the expert parent i am i put a band aid on his chin + prayed it wasn’t as deep as it momentarily looked like… still praying it heals itself. 🙏🏼 it’s like that in between. like the kind you need butterfly tape for…

that’s the truth behind halloween 2018.  #momtruth



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