new year, new mom

new year, new mom

the truth is: resolutions annoy me.

the truth is: i want the new year to make me a new mom but it doesn’t happen like that…

the truth is: i’m going to take it one day at a time, one choice at a time. choices like cussing in my head only, not in front of the boys. bc i have. like yesterday. 🙊 choices like counting to 3 before i suddenly lose my sheet. choices like being in the moment + truly listening to them, with my phone far away…

the truth is: you only live once. yesterday’s history, [bye bye 2018] tomorrow’s a mystery, the present is such a gift. so i’m gonna live in it more.

the truth is: struggling thru the realness, craziness, pain + joy of motherhood with you all has been so good for me.

bc the truth is: we all need a village. virtually + IRL. thanks for being mine.

the truth is: the best is yet to come!

truth: unless you have a 2 year old. 🙏🏼👺😂



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