adventure mom

adventure mom

truth: on three day weekends it’s always a goal to have a family adventure day + when it doesn’t happen i feel like i failed my adventure mom title.

truth: the adventure day didn’t happen this weekend, but i realized today in the errand running that the boys don’t know any different. 

truth: luke + beaus favorite parts were that the apple store was across from the lego store so they got to play in both. + then they got haircuts where there were toys! + THEN they got to go to upstairs [savers] + find new toys to bring home. [ bc mom marie kondo’d the sh!t out of their current ones… 😂]

truth: bc ordinary life IS an adventure + can be so fun if you just decide it’s gonna be.

truth: my new goal for three day weekends is to have fun together. whatever we do, do it together. be together. choose + create the adventure. together.

truth: it’s not what you do, but WHO you do it with that makes the memories sweet.🍭

truth: + always have @dum_dums as backup.



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