the smoothie obsession is real.

the smoothie obsession is real.

truth: i completed the daniel fast a week ago + now feel guilty when i’m eating something not “daniel fast friendly” 😂

truth: unless you put a little caesars pizza in front of me. then i have no guilt or shame in consuming half of it.😳

truth: in the 9.5 years we’ve been married i have NEVER made us smoothies. ever. 

truth: now we can’t get enough!!! 😋 i make them every single morning  + everyone loves them + greens are had + i feel like i’m just dominating life bc of them. a daniel fast habit i’m happy to gain + so proud of.

truth: i make the smoothies in our food processor. is that weird?

truth: the boys lady + the tramp MY smoothie like this every morning. AFTER i’ve already given them their own 🙄 [LEAVE MY THINGS ALONE]👈🏼 said every mom all the time. amiright?



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