last minute class valentines.

last minute class valentines.

it’s very normal for me to not make a decision until the last minute. with EVERYTHING.😆i’m trying to be better about it, as it’s one of vadim’s favorite qualities about me… 🙈

anyway, here we are the day before valentine’s day + i’m scrambling as per usual. i don’t want to get just the valentines card for the boys classes with a sucker or magnet bc i think it’s just a waste…

so to the dark hole of pinterest i went. + actually found a couple of great contenders! one was a valentines robot. which would have been great but had like 5 different candys…. so i pinned it for next year when i’m more on top of my life. 😂  so i went with the other option: valentines cars. i have to say they turned out adorable.

heres what you’ll need:

you can get all this at target. obviously.

+ change up the juice boxes + wheels if you feel so inclined. i was going for valentines colors + tried to use valentines candy.

here’s the final product:

i even went extra + wrote: “YOU MAKE MY HEART RACE! from: luke/beau” in permanent marker. such a pinterest mom, i know 😂😂😂

soooo if you’re in a bind. or just alway last minute like me, give these cars a try! + if you do send me a photo! x

oh yeah, i’m making 45 of these… 😳😳😳


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