we love to thrift!

we love to thrift!

truth: 75% of our toys are from this thrift store.

truth: i’ve said it before + i’ll say it again, second hand toys are the best things everrr.

truth: all of these toys cost me $15. there are 5 toys, that’s an average of $3/toy COME ONNNN. 🙌🏼

truth: plus when you donate [which i always do bc kondo] they give you a 20% off coupon.

truth: thrifting successfully with my boys is one of my proudest mom wins bc it seems they love it, appreciate it, + are always willing to donate to get “new” toys. 

truth: the best part is when they get sick of the toys after a few weeks which is annoyingly typical 🙄 the mom guilt isn’t really there bc they were so cheap anyway! + you can just re-donate them + get another coupon. 🙌🏼 catch the pattern?! 😉




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