turning lemons into lemonade

turning lemons into lemonade

truth: i’m so thankful for sunshine today.

truth: bc nothing went according to plan, my boys had no school + i was about to call it a failure of a day at 12pm.

truth: i even called vadim at work to vent about my bad luck. that’s when you know it’s bad, when you actually talk to your husband on the phone DURING the day. 😭

truth: thank you kimi for the great rec to help turn my sourness into the sweetest lemonade. 🍋

truth: the boys favorite part of the farm park was laughing at me as a psychotic goose chase after me. nonstop… 😂🤦🏽‍♀️#farmlife 

truth: my favorite part was them chasing after the roosters + then squealing like girls when the roosters weren’t about that life.😂

truth: i’m thankful we didn’t give up on adventure today. bc days like today catch you off guard + stay with you forever. ♥️



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