the truth about vacationing with kids

the truth about vacationing with kids

truth: if this isn’t an accurate depiction of motherhood i don’t know what is…

truth: you’re being pulled [rather a child is] in all directions + you’re just trying to hold onto a limb for dear life in order to survive.

truth: it only heightens on vacation. 🤪 but at least im getting a tan. 😎

truth: our goal every day has been to wear out the kids sooo much that they pass out by 7:30pm. we’ve been pretty successful, except that v + i have ALSO passed out by 8:30pm almost every night. 🤣

truth: tomorrow we head home. im so ready for that crib tent + black out curtains.

truth: memories are always worth it. but there’s no place like home. 🙌🏼




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