hot + bothered with no a/c…

hot + bothered with no a/c…

truth: by some miracle these two knuckleheads are both napping.

truth: it’s a miracle bc it’s currently 98 degree + we have no a/c. 

truth: it’s also currently 84 degrees inside our house…

truth: the original plan for this monday was to take luke out of school early and go to the county fair. 

truth: i walked to pick luke up from school + came home DRIPPING sweat.. we live 2 blocks away from school. haaa we would have been so miserable at the fair.

truth: i almost said screw the nap let’s just stay outside in the kiddie pool, but that’s how much of a nap stickler i am…🤣 + everyone would have been as hot + bothered as i am right now. 🤰🏽😂



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