what’s in my hospital bag.

what’s in my hospital bag.

it’s been a minute. i did a highly entertaining video on instagram about my hosptal bag + what’s in it. you can watch that here…  but I thought I’d provide the links for the things since i’m not on the swipe up mom blogger level…for instant gratification.  someday…

so here we go. i pack pretty basic, pretty simple. it’s what works for me + i hope some of these things work for you too!

for mama:

nursing tanks

— pjs: i got two sets of these. sooo soft. sooo comfy. in black + gray


–comfy socks x2. my feet get so cold.

–lip balm: any works, sun bum has been my fave as of late! 🙂 just dont forget it!!

–normal toiletries: deodorant, dry shampoo, toothbrush/toothpaste. i’ve packed my makeup bag but again, not sure anything will be used, but at least it’s with me if i feel like it.

–pillow: this one is super important. the best part of home that you bring with you. it made my night in the hospital so much better. I also depend on my pillow to get through contractions!

granny panties. but really the hospital undies will be used 100% of the time + only probably. this is a just in case i feel like putting on another layer. 😉

for baby:

solly baby sleeper. 

swaddle blankets

–baby hat that was nash’s

honestly that’s all i’m bringing for babe. the hospital will provide everything else, + MAKE SURE when you leave you stock up. take all the things. for baby + yourself. diapers, + mesh undies. TAKE THEM ALL. ask for more even. empty them out!! you deserve it. + you pay for it anyway. lol

for daddy to remember:

vadim’s pretty simple when it comes to packing too, + thankfully we are only 15 minutes from the hospital if he forgets anything major, he can always drive back home…

–a pillow for him.

–phone chargers

–comfy clothes.



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