10 postpartum must-haves for surviving the first month.

10 postpartum must-haves for surviving the first month.

now that ive been through this postpartum journey 4 times, i kinda consider myself a pro. obviously the big reminder here is that EVERY SINGLE journey is different, but i wanted to share with you the 10 MUST-HAVES that have saved me especially in that first month post baby.

  • nipple cream. start applying it now… i’m only half joking. ive made the mistake of waiting until my nipples are cracking + bleeding, to start applying nipple cream, + that’s a mistake. for jones, i got this nipple cream + started applying it right when i got home to help “prep the nips” if you will. i’m proud to say with this kiddo it’s been the least painful transition on my boobs! nash was my most painful dear God i still remember it.. so apply this stuff after every feeding in the beginning. it’s safe for baby, so you don’t have to stress if you just applied it + the baby is hungry again. because some days… that’s life…
  • nursing pads. maybe not right away, but a couple days after birth, when your milk comes in, these are ESSENTIAL. i’ve linked amazon, but you can get these at target + walmart too. no one likes leaky boobs. STOCK UP. this is a perfect gift for a baby shower too!
  • mesh undies! the hospital will send you home with about 8 or so, + ALWAYS ask them if they have any more you can take, bc these things are LIFE. ive bought granny panties from target for when my mesh ones run out, but this pregnancy i returned them, bc i just got these mesh ones on amazon bc the mesh panty life is just SO MUCH EASIER.
  • ice pack pads. real pads are necessary too. but that first week or two, these are INCREDIBLY wonderful for the vageen. especially if you’ve delivered naturally bc that ring of fire is no joke, + that fire lingers after birth as special as that sounds. these ice pack pads are where it’s at for pain relief.
  • TUCKS. less bulkier version of an ice pad pack. honestly, stopped the ice pad packs after week one, + used TUCKS in the pads from the hospital. when those pads ran out i just bought pads from walgreens/target, + still used TUCKS with those bc they’re just so versital + so wonderful! truly need need these in your postpartum life.
  • painkillers. now im not one for drugs. im one of those crazies who never got an epidural. but when the ice pack pads weren’t cutting it, i picked up a bottle of advil at target + am so glad i had that to take to help with recovery. it’s just nice to have fore that temporary relief. especially if you have other kids who aren’t letting you slow down as much as you’d like…
  • perineal spray. you’ll get some spray similar to this in the hospital to help with cooling right away. so take that home!! but i also got this one. i used it every single time i went to the bathroom + still a month later haven’t used it all, so it’s definitely worth it. if you can’t tell COOLING RELIEF IS LIFE.
  • prenatal vitamins. KEEP TAKING THEM. it’s so hard for me to get meals in at normal meal times, bc when i do have a free moment not with the bebe, i’m either showering, doing laundry, or feeding my other kiddos. i’ve still been in the routine to get my prenatals in every morning [sometimes evenings], + i feel like that’s bridging the gap of nutrition, especially since im breastfeeding + know i need it. i’ve been LOVING Ritual vitamins this pregnancy, but know there are other great kinds out there, so just be sure you’re taking them! + if you’re pregnant or wanting to become pregnant, i cannot recommend Ritual enough!!
  • pajamas + leggings. I have theses pajamas in black + gray, brought them to the hospital + LIVED in them the few weeks after we got home. Targét alll day.
  • THESE LEGGING GIRLS. postpartum DREAMS. they go up to your bra pretty much so when you nurse you aren’t exposing your belly. they are AMAZING! + worth the investment. I got them in may when they were 50% off for mothers day month! + actually right now they are 50% off bc pre black friday sale, so RUN to blanqi.com. no regrets.
  • water bottle. sounds basic. + easy. but a big jug is so important for the big jugs that are feeding your baby! 😉 make sure you have a big water bottle + try your best to make sure it’s always filled up! another thing that helped me was liquid iv that I got at costco! for that extra boost of hydration.

well there you have it. 10 postpartum must haves to help you survive that first month. these things will help you take care of yourself. bc that sweet little newborn takes a lot. literally sucks it out of you. so this self care is IMPORTANT for us to get back to feeling ourselves. oh + showering every day. seems simple. makes the biggest difference. washing the nights away has truly changed the postpartum game. xx


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